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  Panel (Side Lite) Swing


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  Wall Mounted Type Units Available
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    ICU-CCU Manual Slide Swing Units Available
Bi-Parting (4 Panel) Slider Frame Width   Standard Sizes Frame Height   Slide Opening
96"   90"   36"
108"   90"   42"
120"   90"   48"
144"   90"   60"
168"   90"   72"

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  When your application calls for threshold detection, our sensors are truly unmatched. Unlike other sliding door sensors that provide elliptical coverage, Automatic Doors U.S.A. uses sensors that provide large rectangular detection patterns for maximum effectiveness.

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  Automatic Doors U.S.A. provides a complete line of activating devices for all of your automatic access requirements.
  • A complete line of activating devices including key wall and push button switches.
  • Radio controls.
  • Quick installation and easy maintenance.


Smart sensor technology can decipher fixed objects such as side rails from moving or stationary non-fixed objects. This helps to prevent accidental opening and closing of swinging doors, thereby reducing liability. Smart microprocessor controls provide the ultimate door presence sensing system



Above : Heavy Duty Operator features a micro processor control unit, heavy duty aluminum extrusion, dual roller hangers and a heavy duty 24V brushless DC motor. Unlike some conventional gear motors that can leak oil, our  bearings are self-lubricating and require no oil.
Digital computer technology in the control unit regulates all settings as a program to be executed by a micro processor. This ensures accurate and intelligent opening and closing motion as well a improved safety.


Unlike brush DC motors that need yearly maintenance, our heavy duty 24V brushless motors are build to reduce maintenance costs, and built to last.

  Our heavy duty hanger block uses dual rollers for greater reliability and smooth door operation. They are capable of sustaining up to 1" impact resistance, hurricane glass.


Automatic Doors U.S.A. differentiates itself from its competitors in many ways. One of them is in our innovative approach to the opening and closing of doors during power failures. While many doors will open and stay open during power failures, Automatic Doors, U.S.A. provides an optional battery backup unit. The battery backup is small enough to fit inside the header yet powerful enough so that it can operate the scanner, the locks and still open and close the door up to 70 times during power failures. This provides greater security during power failures and allows an easy, comfortable, automatic exit.
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